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    Nordic Village Resort/Luxury Mountain Getaways was developed and built by Robert and Nancy Cyr. The project started as a wooded hillside and over a period of twenty years the Cyrs built this award-winning facility.

    Robert Cyr is a truly amazing individual – a Renaissance man, you might say. At 18, he joined the U.S. Marines where he became a welterweight boxing champion. After serving in the military, he became a hairdresser. Later, he took a job with Clairol as a hair-color consultant; from there, Cyr sold wigs. Mr. Cyr says, “That’s when things began to happen.” He decided to go into cosmetics and formulated a line of products that was different than anything on the market. His company grew steadily until he sold it to a large cosmetic firm. (Mr. Cyr even worked for a time as a lobster fisherman on the coast of Downeast Maine.)

    While traveling in the Jackson area in the 80s, Cyr had the idea to build a resort/condominium project that would cater not only to skiers and hikers, but to people looking for a romantic retreat in the White Mountains. It was over the next twenty years that Robert and Nancy Cyr built the resort; they started at Route 16 and moved up the hill, building by building, adding amenities and recreation facilities as they went. Later, the Cyrs purchased Nestlenook Farm in Jackson Village.

    Sadly, Nancy Cyr died of cancer in 1996 (a beautiful monument is erected in her memory at Nestlenook Farm). Mr. Cyr has started the Angel of Peace Foundation in Nancy’s honor. The foundation helps people with facial disfigurement.

    Nancy was Robert’s first love and they spent 37 wonderful years together. You may see Nancy’s picture as an angel if you look around the resort. After Nancy’s death, Robert continued the vision they had created together – one-of-a-kind resorts, special places with fireplaces, two-person Jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor heated pools, a mountain top fitness center, waterfalls, a rowing pond, ice skating, bonfires and lots of fun activities. Mr. Cyr completed the luxurious Chateau units in 2001 – meticulously appointed accommodations with spectacular panoramic views and their own tranquility pool surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds, rock formations, a cascading waterfall and an exceptional statue. Mr. Cyr, who is known for his attention to detail, said, “The landscape has been my canvas.” And it shows in the property’s landscape and architectural design.

    Mr. Cyr still creates his magic at Nestlenook Farm, a Victorian Village with sleigh rides, ice-skating and a picture-perfect setting. Mr. Cyr decided to cut back at age 67, but you may still see him cross country skiing, hiking or riding a sleigh. He is very handsome and continues to work out regularly. His picture is hanging at our indoor pool, where he is depicted as “Birch Leg”, carrying his nephew on his shoulder.

    The Lafayette family purchased the resort on December 20, 2007 and we hope to carry on the fine tradition of hospitality that Robert and Nancy Cyr established at Nordic Village Resort/Luxury Mountain Getaways.

    Over the last few years, we have made improvements to enhance our guests’ experiences, such as a new treadmill at our adult fitness center, hosting bake sales and selling handmade crafts to raise money for the Lafayette Family Cancer Center, having pony rides in the summer season, adding a desk and seating area in the Mountain Clubhouse so guests can comfortably enjoy our wireless connection there, and adding a large projector to our pavilion so we can have movie nights. In the upcoming months, we are planning to winterize our pavilion so guests can enjoy the game rooms year round!